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(credit Ken Webster The Vertical Plane)

In 2019 Gary Rowe came and gave us a talk on North Wales cases, while he was here he told us of a case he investigated in 1985 called The Vertical Plane, he gave us a brief account and he then left for North Wales where he lives.

A couple of months later we stayed overnight on the top of Moel Famau with a friend from Buckley, while we were there he mentioned he had a paranormal type event when he noticed marks on his back, those marks were actually numbers 2109. As we weren`t far from Gary Rowe we paid a visit so Gary could hear the account..

After our trip to North Wales we started to get quite a lot of emails and messages asking about Gary Rowe as wanted to talk to him about The Vertical Plane. We`d arranged for Gary to come and give us a talk all about it but Covid came along in which we couldn`t have meetings for about 16/18 months. meanwhile emails and messages still came.

Our meetings started back but sadly Gary had some health issues and couldn`t attend our meetings, so we arranged with Gary to go and interview him in North Wales.

Gary talked about his part in the investigation which started about a year after events started at Meadow Cottage, how he got involved and some other bits and pieces. After filming Gary he mentioned he was in the new revised edition of the book, so we had a look and found out there was an image of Gary from our 1st interview with Gary in North Wales, the image was credited to Swansea Ufo Network.

That took us back a little as we`ve had so many synchronicities, chance meetings,other small signs that have been pointing us in the directon of Dodleston and The Vertical Plane since 2019, the last month has been pretty hectic when it comes to synchronicities, chance meetings and all sort of weird happenings, is it a bit of coincidence that since 2019 we`ve been on a journey involving 2109 as it`s been following us round ever since, it`s as if we are being pulled into it for some reason.

After visiting Gary we seem to have a couple of things to research before we are able to edit and release Gary`s account of his investigation so it may be a few months yet as Chester/Dodleston is a long journey so we may have to make a few visits but hoping by end of the year it`ll be finished

(credit Gary Rowe)

Gary was the investigator involved with The Vertical Plane which involved messages from the past and future on a BBC Micro Computer in 1984/1985. It`s the first time that Gary has talked about his involvment on any public platform or in public, we are very privileged that Gary granted us this interview.

If you haven`t read The Vertical Plane then you really should do, messages from the 1500`s and possibly from the future, is 2109 a date , group of people from the future or some form of AI from the future.

We`ve included a link to purchase the book if you haven`t read it yet, its a fascinating read

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