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The Landimore UFO Landing

Updated: Oct 22, 2021



Between 8 PM and 9 PM - Dark, Dry, Cloudy. Witness: Jonathan Davies.

Jonathan's Statement to SUFON

My daughter who was 2 years old at the time was standing pointing out the conservatory window saying ‘bright’. I walked over and took a look and their hovering in the sky next to my neighbours large tree, at the back right of the tennis court there was a large egg shape orange ORB I will describe it as a small sun, and it was as bright as the sun, it was to the east of my house and across the estuary from Burryport and Llanelli South Wales.

At the time I had thought the tide was in over the salt marsh but I think but I might have been wrong about this, as it was dark and the pics I took do not show any water reflection.

After being stationary for a few moments the object shot downwards and to the right and it landed, it happened and moved so fast I thought it had crashed or was in trouble.

Then the bright orange light went out and was replaced by a much smaller light blue colour but every few seconds I'd say at 5 second intervals it would emit massive pulsing flashes of various colours and the colours were very very bright, they were as bright like a light house, the colours kept changing Green, Red, Orange, Blue, White - I had binoculars and I had to take my eyes away from them every time the colours changed as the flashes were so bright, I remember saying wow my god every time they changed, as they were so shocking to watch.

This all happened for over an hour. I took pictures with a new camera I had just bought for use for my business, I had not yet learned how to use it and was not then aware it had a video function (idiot).

About 15 minutes after it arrived another similar but much larger object appeared, it was bright white and round - it was opposite to me on the other side of the coast and above Burryport / Llanelli (see pic below) the sky was overcast so it was not stars and not Chinese lanterns as this object was very large and stayed in same position for long periods + it was white coloured.

This is the white object that appeared over and between Burryport/Llanelli - below were the street lights it was below cloud level.

Once the original object had landed or was hovering, (dependant on the tide) I heard what I thought was a twin rotor helicopter very noisy, it came from the direction of Gowerton, this headed towards the object, it had 2 lights on it, it came up to the object quite slowly and it had a strange looking spot light on it like a very straight beam, but as soon as the light reached the 1st object the spot light went out and the helicopter would disappear only to reappear where it had originally appeared miles in land this happened at least 5 times, it was very strange.

I have thought about this since and I believe it was used as a distraction for anyone watching the original landed craft, and I think the helicopter was not real and was a type of holographic image with sound -, I think the landed craft was in some sort of difficulty and the false helicopter was simply to distract.

Another green coloured craft came in from the south (direction of the sea) and seemed to be like a rescue mission for the landed object, they both moved off slowly in the direction of the sea - south. as they moved away this all came to an end and the large white object over Llanelli vanished at the same time, they helicopter vanished, their are pics that show this and you can see that they are moving from the different pics of the background orange lights of the opposite coast street lights.

That night I phoned the police and asked if they were aware of any crash or had they had any other reports of the incident they said no other reports and it was not their helicopter and they had no other reports of anything strange in the area., Next morning I contacted the coast guard and had the same response as the police, I also contacted the two local air bases at Pembrey and St. Athan, both bases close at 5.30pm and they said nothing to do with them and finally I contacted Swansea airport and they knew nothing.

I worked from home and the office over looked where the UFO landed, next day after this all happened I watched two black vans on the causeway at the approximate location where the object had landed 3 men seemed to be searching around the area.

This was very unusual in itself because in 2 years of living at the property I had very rarely seen anyone in that remote area and only ever seen the farmer who had salt marsh sheep/lambs on the land, when the tide was out..

As a follow up a few weeks after this all happened I asked the farmers who hold the key to the locked gate over the track to the causeway, and he told me that he had not opened it for anybody ever as their was no need to and it was private land, and he was very surprised to hear by what I told him about the vans and men.

At the time this happened I sent some pictures to Nick Pope who headed up the investigation into UFOs at the Ministry of Defence. He replied and said the pictures are baffling and intriguing and asked me to get them analysed with the BUFORA which I have done but never had a reply.

You will see the causeway (track) this is what the vans travelled on, you will see it goes to the castle this is where the gates are locked to the road, and I confirm I myself found these locked when I went to the castle with my wife for a visit and this was when we found out from the farmer that the gates are always locked.

The Swansea and Gower area of Wales has a very strong magnetic anomaly

This is not my 1st sighting - this happens a lot to me and always has.

Presentation on this case and other experiences

Jonathan's case was also featured in the magazine Shadows of the Mind

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