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NIGHT OF THE TRIANGLES: 19th January 1983

The evening of Wednesday 19th January 1983 started out much like any other cold winter evening in South Wales. Just after dark, people were heading home from work, making tea, watching TV. Some were heading to work, meeting friends, or walking the dog. Many children and teenagers were doing their paper rounds, hanging around on street corners, or walking with friends. Local football and rugby clubs were getting games or practice underway. Just a normal Wednesday evening in South Wales.

The weather was cold, it being mid-January, and the sky was starry with no wind. All was cold and clear. Then around 5.15 pm, the first sighting was made of large objects in the sky over Swansea - huge triangular-shaped craft.


Over the next few hours, hundreds of people at locations across South Wales from Newport in the east to Swansea and Milford Haven in the west. They reported that the craft, sometimes single, sometimes in twos and threes, were the size of jumbo jets, football fields, sometimes moving slowly just feet over rooftops and some were motionless. But all were completely silent.


Many witnesses were close to the objects, just yards away in some cases, and remarkably were seen at different places at the same time - showing that many craft were involved. One came so low behind one man that he had to jump into a roadside ditch as he thought a truck was approaching from behind, as he sensed its presence.

Power outages were reported. Three separate witnesses reported strange effects, one in Newport and one in Swansea reported missing time and a Cardiff woman said she felt she was in a kind of bubble, separate from the world. A game of young rugby players in Llantwit Major was halted as a triangle flew over. And in Cardiff, many pupils of a primary school (after school and separately) witnessed a huge triangle flying low over Whitchurch.

SUFON has and is making contact with many of the witnesses, conducting interviews by video and by phone, documenting press cuttings and testimonies of the witnesses. Freedom of Information requests are being made and on this page, we are presenting all our findings of what went on that night in 1983, the night we have named: The Night of the Triangles.

FOI - Freedom of Information requests made by the SUFON Team (Ongoing)

Here is a link to that case Plymouth Triangle Craft January 1983 - Read the report and see the illustration

An FOI has been submitted to the Navy re this case

Note: Naval Base, Devonport is one of three operating bases in the United Kingdom for the Royal Navy and is the sole nuclear repair and refueling facility for the Royal Navy. The largest naval base in Western Europe, HMNB Devonport is located in Devonport, in the west of the city of Plymouth, England

SUFON Team Interviews - Night of the Triangles

Links to each report made regarding this case

  1. Case #125  MOD File Report from - MUMBLES, SWANSEA

  2. Case #126  Mrs. Margaret Gaskins - KILVEY HILL, SWANSEA

  3. Case #127  MOD File - Pentregethin Road - KILVEY HILL, SWANSEA

  4. Case #128  MOD File - Heol Tal-Y-Coppa, Llansamlet - MORRISTON TO KILVEY HILL, SWANSEA

  5. Case #129  MOD File - SWANSEA AIRPORT

  6. Case #130  Cwm Level Park - LANDORE, SWANSEA

  7. Case #131  Roland Betts - KILLAY, SWANSEA

  8. Case #132  Detective Sergeant Michael Troake and Detective Constable Gethin James - WINCHWEN, SWANSEA

  9. Case #133  MOD File - Llwynhendy - SWANSEA TO GOWER

  10. Case #134  MOD File - Jeffrey Horton-Jones South Wales Echo -PORT TALBOT TO SWANSEA

  11. Case #135  Driving Instructor, Orllwyn Jones - Sketty -UPLANDS, SWANSEA

  12. Case #136  Brothers Milan and Byron Baljak - GORSEINON

  13. Case #139  Ken Morse, Ridley Way - BISHOPSTON, GOWER

  14. Case #140  June Thomas, Pentrechwyth Road, Bonymaen - SOUTH DOCK, SWANSEA

  15. Case #141  Mark Rayworth & Mother, Townhill Road, Graiglwydd Square -TOWNHILL, SWANSEA

  16. Case #142  Rita Bradley, Finsbury Terrace, Brynmill - SWANSEA BAY

  17. Case #143  Phil Prevel, Beryl Road - CLYDACH

  18. Case #917  John Owen, SOUTH ROAD, PORTHCAWL RFC

  19. Case #930  William Rich and his Son, Llandough Castle - LLANDOUGH, VALE OF GLAMORGAN

  20. Case #942  Mark (15) and his friend, Ian (15), Brynhyfryd Square - BRYNHYFRYD, SWANSEA

  21. Case #1143 Jonathan Davies, Leisure Centre Fields - UNDERWOOD, NEWPORT

  22. Case #1158  Steve Boyd, Langland Bay Road - LANGLAND, GOWER

  23. Case #1159  BUFORA Bulletin - Mr`s G & Dr D - Llandaff, Cardiff

  24. Case #509  Simon - FFORESTFACH

Night of the Triangles - Press Clippings & Case files from the National Archives many thx to Dave Partridge for sharing the files from the archives

Map of Night of the Triangles sightings

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