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                                                   The Llanilar UAP Crash - The Investigation by Gary Rowe

10 days before 'THE NIGHT OF THE TRIANGLES 19th Jan 1983' which was possibly the largest sighting of UFOs in the UK another event took place. A very strange event took place in the small village of Llanilar on the West Coast of South Wales near Aberystwyth in the UK.


One morning a farmer awakes to find his field covered in strange metallic debris, at first looking rather like crumpled tin foil. The farmer Mr Erwel Evans assumed a plane had crashed so immediately called the police and soon an air-force crash investigation team turns up at the farm to investigate the material which is scattered across 4 fields.


This is not the famous 1947 Roswell crash but you would be forgiven for thinking it was. This strange event occurred at Llanilar, near Aberystwyth - yet you have probably never heard about it.


he air force team inform the farmer Mr Evans that the strange green-grey honeycombed metal pieces were not from any known aircraft and that no RAF planes had been reported lost.


Later that day another team of both uniformed and plain clothes personnel from the MOD (Ministry of Defence) turn up, they also start to investigate the debris in the fields but farmer Erwel says they seemed to take it far more seriously than the RAF team.


They create a cordon around the area and set up flood lights. They then began to collect all of the material, farmer Erwal described this material as ranging from chunks that were 6 feet across to tiny fragments.


Erwel described the scene as “something out of a James Bond movie”.


They stayed until every piece of material was collected late into the night


Two weeks after the event the MOD investigation gave a statement, it stated that the material had not been identified and that no RAF or private aircraft had been lost in the area. They also said that no other craft had been detected or seen on the radar.


This story has remained largely unknown despite the fact it seems to be so similar to Roswell


Only one newspaper, The Express, ran a story titled ‘Strange debris out of the sky’ on January 23rd, 1983, strangely never followed by them or any other media outlet in the UK - Also strange that they failed to mention a massive UFO event took place only a few miles away 10 days later and 2 days after the Express published the story a huge triangle was reported as hovering over RAF St Athan.






















Luckily for us and for the historical context the case did not die at this point a UFO researcher from North Wales, Mr Gary Rowe, saw the article in the press (The Express). He contacted his team of investigators and they travelled to Llanilar and spoke with Erwel Evans and what he had witnessed he gave them permission to recheck the fields they scoured his fields for any signs of the metallic material at first without success the MOD had done a great job of recovering the debris, nothing could be found.


The tops of the trees near the crash site had been damaged they decided to check amongst them to see if any material had been missed thankfully for us they started to find pieces of metallic debris.

Mr Gary Rowe would send some of the material samples off for testing with a metallurgist. Gary said the results returned were intriguing, the metal was an unknown alloy similar in properties to duralumin. Duralumin itself is a lightweight material like aluminium that is used in the manufacture of aircraft. Gary has stated that there appeared to be nothing identical to the material known anywhere on Earth. And that the green paint-like compound that covered the metal’s surface could also not be identified.

Gary and his team had planned to follow up with another trip to the crash site but Erwel told him that the forestry commission was cutting down the trees and also taking away the soil.


Erwel Evans also stated that even the soil was being removed and transported away.


Gary Rowe contacted the Forestry Commission, he asked what was going on, and they told him the trees needed to be removed due to storm damage. He found this hard to believe and pushed for a better explanation he asked if it was normal procedure to fell and remove trees (Even healthy trees were removed).


Gary says the man he spoke with said it was NOT normal, but that the explanation was what he had been instructed to say!


Gary Rowe has also stated that he was visited by men in suits who requested he turned over all the materials his team had recovered. He gave them nothing.


He says he also informed these men that he had already sent dozens of fragments of the material to his UFO contacts across the UK and they were wasting their time.


Gary also says his post was intercepted and opened for many weeks afterwards - we take it he means the post that was being delivered to him.


This case UFO case at Llanilar West Wales should clearly be given more attention, is this another Roswell, and was it connected to another major UFO sighting only 10 days later and only a few miles down the road? Seems a huge coincidence!


If you live in Llanilar and have further information or maybe you worked for the MOD and have further information please contact us.


The Swansea UFO Network (SUFON) team interviewed Gary Rowe VIDEO IS BELOW

                                      Image of the Farm is from 2006

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