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Women sight red ufo over Newport



The saga of the unidentified flying object took a new course tuesday evening backwards

A red cone shaped object was seen in the sky above Newport at 6 20pm.

It was traveling slowly towards Twm Barlwm mountain with the thick end of the cone first, one of the women who spotted it told the South Wales Argos " it seemed to be travelling backwards ."

Mrs Anne Baldwin of Preston Avenue, Newport was driving her car near malpas park when her friend Mrs Madge Jones, a passenger in the car, saw the strange object. They stopped the car and watched it for several minutes , it was a red sort of vapour, cone shaped, travelling towards Twm Barlwm said Mrs Baldwin. At one point it disappeared behind a cloud and then reappeared

When it was overhead at Malpas Park we could see it was not an aroplane. There seemed to be flames coming from it but they did not look like a planes exhaust.

We did not think it could of been the sun reflected from anything because there was no red clouds about. The object did not seem too high too high and it maintained it`s height and course

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