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The date is approximate. A young teenager was walking home from a girl guide meeting during a dark winter evening. She lived in Grenfell Park Road in the St. Thomas area of Swansea, and used the rear garden entrance to her house, off Wallace Road, a cul-de-sac.

The location is on the lower southern slope of Kilvey Hill, at the edge of the 1920s-built council housing. As she approached the end of the cul-de-sac, she noticed a figure peering around one of the brick pillars which supported the gates of St. Margarets Nursery, which she would walk through to access her back garden. The figure was peering around the right-hand pillar, on the left of it.

All she could make out was its head, its right shoulder and the upper portion of its right arm. Its head was bulbous and shaped like an inverted egg, pointy chin, and huge, vertically-aligned, almond-shaped eyes which were white with a black dot in the centre. It had no hair, no ears, and she was not aware of a mouth or nose.

Its body, by what she could see of it was puny, like a child, with a narrow, spindly arm. Its hand was not visible as it was behind the pillar.

There was no neck visible as it seemed to be hunching. It did not seem to have any clothing and its skin was grey and had a metallic look to it, which seemed to shimmer slightly. It did not move or make a sound but just stared straight at the terrified girl. She said it felt like an eternity, but was really only just seconds.

The girl was so alarmed by what she saw that she ran back down Wallace Road and across the road to some near neighbours that she knew, and after they had calmed down the hysterical girl, they went with her back up to the gateway, but no trace of the visitor was evident.

She had had a strict Catholic upbringing and had no knowledge of science fiction or even awareness of aliens or UFOs at this time. At the time of the encounter she thought that what she was seeing was a devil of some kind, a result of her religious grounding.

It was only years later, after being exposed to the UFO culture on TV and in the media that she noticed the striking similarity of the being that she saw, with the grey aliens so commonly reported, with one exception – the unusual configuration of its eyes, and colour of the eyes which were not black, but white with black iris or pupil.

Approximately two weeks after her experience, a Catholic priest at her school asked the class i anyone had experienced something strange in their life. The girl wrote down an account of her experience in a school book, which she still has somewhere. Once she finds the book, a clearer date of when the encounter occurred can be established.

She has not told anyone except close family and friends, in all the years since, but came forward after she heard about Swansea UFO Network. She wishes to remain anonymous, hence the reason that we have not used her name in this report.

Source: SUFON Files. Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 30 June 2015.

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