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9-year-old Tyrone Davies was living with his grand-parents in a terraced house in the mining village of Pontyberem in the Gwendraeth valley. One night in the winter of 1957, there was a storm blowing with thunder and lightning and heavy rain. At about 8.30 PM Tyrone's grandmother asked him to collect a bucket of coal from the coal bunker which was situated at the side of the house.

Whilst filling the bucket, there was an almighty thunder flash which lit up the sky above the house. As he looked up at the sky, Tyrone could see an enormous saucer-shaped craft which was partly hidden by the clouds. Further lightning flashes revealed the same craft which seemed to be motionless in the sky.

"As I had never seen anything like this before, I ran into the house and called my grandmother to come and see this strange craft in the sky. She declined and informed me that what I had seen was probably caused by the lightning flashes. Knowing what I had seen I decided to open the front door of the house and gazed out over the valley.

As the lightning lit up the sky, to my astonishment I could see four smaller saucer shape crafts which again were motionless and looked to be in some kind of formation. Again my grandmother declined to witness this sighting. As she closed the front door, she advised me not to mention what I assumed to have seen to anyone, otherwise I might end up in a mental institution. I took my grandmother's advice and to this day I have only mentioned these sightings to a handful of people."

Tyrone sent us some drawings, one of which shows the four smaller craft hovering over Pentremawr Colliery in Pontyberem.

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence spring 2018.

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