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Exact date in summer not known - ignore '08/01' in date panel.

We believe that this event could have happened at the same time as the events described in 'C & W's' report.

They were located on Langland Point which is on the opposite side of Langland Bay. The following event takes place just east of Rotherslade, a cove on the east side of Langland Bay. The witness describes a completely different craft at his location, but seems to have happened at the same time.

Witness: David.

Time: 8 pm - 10 pm approx.

"The position overlooks the Bristol Channel from a height of 100 ft above sea level and range of view was from SSE to SSW with South being the direction of first sighting at '10-11 o'clock' elevation. The only remarkable feature of the site is a large geological fault line underneath (Doctor's Mine Cave). Prior to the sighting there had been a dense static atmosphere for a few hours.

I had just left Magpie's Chalet...shortly after darkness fell. I was with 11 friends and we had been visiting a holidaymaker staying at the chalet. We all left together and walked through fields to the cliff path. Just prior to joining the cliff path I heard a group of people shouting and also the sound of banging on the metal cliff-path railings; due to this I stopped, something unusual was happening for that time and location.

For some reason I Iooked above me into the clear night sky. At around 10-11 o'clock height I saw 3 stars (10 pence size in my field of view) blink in a pattern.

They then began to rotate around themselves in an increasing arc and suddenly realised that around 1/3 of my field of vision was filled with a folding of the sky; then I discerned that instead of looking at the stars I was looking at a reflection of stars through a prismatic, clear surface that was distorting light. Then I recognised the surface on which the stars were located and that this surface was rotating slowly downwards.

This object was gargantuan, filling most of the sky. I looked to the left side of the object and it tapered and seemed to stretch into the distance fir a long, long, way. The object appeared to be miles long. I thought I could see the ambient orange glow from the lights of Swansea reflected on its underside a mile or so away. I could also faintly see architectural/engineering features on the body of the object. Similar feeling as seeing a large submarine or super-tanker but floating silently in the sky. It towered above me.

All of a sudden I felt as if being watched or scanned by something; almost as if the object was aware I had seen it. I had a feeling like a piano was about to fall from a building onto my head and I shouted 'Run!' or similar and ran as fast as possible along the cliff path to the west. As I was running I kept saying to myself 'Don't look back', repeatedly. I can't remember anything after that. I think I made it home but can't be 100% sure.

From first sighting the blinking stars to taking my eyes off the large object and running seemed like under a minute of time. I didn't meet any of the other witnesses and discuss the event until around 1995; I thought I had imagined it, but was told by 'L' (who was with me that night) that she and 10 other witnesses in our group all saw 'it' too and they had discussed it later. The shouting I heard on the cliff was 6 other people (I know) who saw something too [including C & W]. I think my sighting should correspond with C & W's (5 witness) sighting.

At no point did I see a triangle or any other recognisable shape. It is possible that I saw the tapered side of a triangular object and this gave me the impression that the object appeared longer than it was but must have been a lot closer to me (-200 ft) than I thought (-/+ 1000 ft) and at much lower altitude.

At the time (1980-2000s) I could not recall ever hearing about 'triangle' UFOs or 'black triangles'.... even when C & W told me they had seen a triangle UFO (over Langland Bay - late summer 1982/83) [Theirs was actually a pyramidal object] I did not link it to my own sighting. I didn't see a triangle shape at any point (during my own sighting) and whilst I believed C & W I didn't link it to other sightings or triangle UFOs until the 2000s when they were publicised. Until then I had assumed UFOs were disc, orb light or cigar-shaped.

This happened long before the internet was available to cross-reference other sightings and I assumed that the profound experience was unique. Having read other SUFON reports from Gower I realised that many people had witnessed this or a similar object and it makes sense for me to come forward to add validity.

The description of a craft sighted near Three Crosses/Fairwood Airport (SUFON Dec. 1982) is almost an exact match for the type of object I may have seen in terms of the 'starlight technology' but either the size is different, or the object was much closer to me than I had realised.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 4 August 2017.

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