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Date in summer 1979 not known - ignore date in panel.

Early hours - warm summer night.

Paul von Hillier was driving a truck, delivering to Aberaeron. He was driving through Talley on the B4302 when he thought he saw a light go across the windscreen in the distance. He thought it might have been a reflection of car headlights. He looked in his mirrors but could see no car behind him. He had his driver's window down and could see just blackness outside. Then he saw a bright object fly high across a field, and stop above woodland in the distance.

"I thought it couldn't be a helicopter, too dangerous flying in the dark with pylons everywhere."

He forgot about it as he carried on with his day's work. At home that night he was eating his evening meal when a report came on the TV news about a UFO which had been sighted over West Wales.

Source: Facebook: UFO Sightings in Wales - posted 11 July 2020.

Location on map is approximate.

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