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We were walking back to my flat which was in Chestnut Avenue, Penyrheol, Gorseinon.. It was a lovely summers night, and quite warm it was around 7 o'clock. My friends young son told us to look across the sky and we saw quite a big shape which was surrounded by 4 other smaller shapes, it was really, really, bright and made our eyes bad just to look at it.

I'm not sure whether it was across Loughor estuary or whether it was further over towards Llanelli way, but from where we were standing it looked like it was over Loughor, we wanted to keep looking at it but it was making our eyes really sore to watch it we were mesmerised as we couldn't make out what they were. When we got into the flat we thought we'd better not mention it to anyone as they would think we were' barking'.

At the time my father in law was very interested in anything to do with ufo's and he told me to make a drawing of what we'd seen which I sent to him(he lived in Winchester at the time) and he reckoned it was a mother ship surrounded by 4 smaller ships.

We were going to phone into Swansea Sound radio station at the time to report the incident but decided against it for fear of being ridiculed and so it was left at that.

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