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Huge disc over Llansamlet , Swansea SUMMER 1972 or 73 Cath Phillips, aged about 16/17 had finished work at the DVLC (now DVLA), and had been home for a short time where she lived with her invalid mother at 10 Frederick Place, Llansamlet.

The house is located on the south side of the road at its western end, not far from the junction with Bethel Road, It was after 5 pm she knows this because she finished work at 4 pm.

It was a summer's day with a clear blue sky and she was inside the house when she noticed it suddenly getting very dark. She went out the front of the house into the garden to find out why and saw her auntie Hilary and cousin Rebecca Griffiths (Hilary's daughter) - both now deceased, standing there looking up at a round object which had been the cause of the sudden dimming of light.

It was dark grey in colour and huge, covering the road and extending to the north well over the main railway line near Peniel Green and so would have had a diameter of hundreds of metres. Cath described it as like the sherbet flying saucer sweets, a thick disc with a rim around the centre. The craft was completley motionless and hovering over them, not very high.

There were no flashing lights or sound.

People driving past were stopping to look. It stayed in the same place for about two minutes when it suddenly vanished and it became light again.

She tried to talk about it with her auntie and cousin but they did not want to discuss it. She remembers her auntie telling her, 'It didn't happen'.

Cath went to the nearby Primrose Park a few days later and talked with friends about the sighting. She learned that people had seen it from the park, including those playing bowls at the time.

She cannot remember it being reported in the local paper.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 3 April 2017.

Photo: Frederick Place, Llansamlet looking west towards Bethel Road. Cath's house is the double fronted white detached house on the left. Most of the sky in the picture would have been obscured by the object she saw.

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