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Dr. Edward Williams in his journal under the year 1757 described an encounter with entities. Since he was born in 1750 he must have been a child of seven when the incident occurred.

He comments:

"Though I have often, in mature age, called to mind the principles of religion and philosophy to account for it, I am forced to class it amongst my unknowables."

The story he gives runs thus:

"On a fine summer day about midsummer between the hours of twelve at noon and one, my eldest sister and myself, our next neighbour's children, Barbara and Ann Evans, both older than myself, were in a field called Cae Caled near their house when one of us observed on the middle of the field a company of - what shall I call them? - beings, neither men, women nor children, dancing with great briskness.

They were all clothed in red, a dress not unlike a military uniform, without hats, but their heads tied with handkerchiefs of a reddish colour, spotted with yellow. They appeared of a size somewhat less than our own, but more like dwarfs the children."

Williams relates how he and the other children fled the field and brought adults of their family from the house. However, the spectacle had vanished and "we never found the least vestige of any circumstance that could contribute to a solution of this remarkable phenomenon."

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 166-167.

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