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A Sunday evening.

The witness was with his girlfriend walking their dog on a quiet Sunday evening on a golf course on the top of a hill [this would be the South Pembrokeshire Golf Club - EW]. He noticed an object in his peripheral vision, due to the sun reflecting and glinting off it. As the object approached from the south-east in the direction of Pembroke, he thought it was strange as it didn't resemble a plane or helicopter.

The witness described the object as, 'silver and reflective, like a dull chrome or brushed aluminium,' and egg-shaped. It was quite large, 30 or 40 feet across, and travelling in a straight line quite fast into the wind which was constant and strong at ground level. It's speed was 30 mph and was coming in straight off the sea in a south-west direction [?- EW]. The object was at about 1000 feet in altitude. He viewed it for about 20 seconds, his girlfriend slightly less at 15 seconds, as he had seen it first.

The object passed in front of them, as they stared at it, stunned. There was no sound and left no vapour trail. It was illuminated, as the sun was shining directly on it. There was a clear, constant band of square or rectangular windows with ribs or frames between them. These were in a belt around the centre of the craft, and appeared to be not as reflective as the body of the craft. The craft was also described as totally sleek and smooth.

The object headed straight for a huge area of grey cloud, and entered it. The two witnesses scanned constantly around the edges of the cloud mass and also tried to see another glimpse through the cloud. The cloud was breaking up due to the high winds and the sky had large areas of blue sky. But the craft had completely disappeared.


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