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Witness said might have happened in October 1988.

Approximately 8 PM. Dark.

Darren, 17-year-old was in his bedroom, listening to records, in a dormer bungalow in Rhyd-Y-Fenni, Crofty. His parents and 15-year-old sister were downstairs. Suddenly the side walls, which were also the roof, started shaking.

He said he seemed to 'know' to look out of his bedroom window, east-facing rear of the house, and when he did so, his view of the sky was filled up by three huge discs. He described them as being stereotypical spaceships, very low and close to the roof, and slowly moving away from him towards the east (having just passed over his house from the west).

There was a sound like something heavy being dragged, and the craft looked solid, with no seams or joins, as if they'd been made in a mould. The bottom of the discs, which is all Darren could see of them, had a light circle or 'porthole' of white light in the centre, around which were arranged, curved white light panels. There were no flashing lights.

The three discs were arranged in a triangular formation, with one at the front, and the other two a breast behind and all were close to each other. He opened the window which overlooked the rear garden and back-to-back gardens of the next street.

There were three people outside, two from the opposite house, and one elderly woman. He heard someone say 'we see these regular'.

Darren went to call his parents and sister and when they came up to see, the objects had moved quite far away over the hills inland, going over the ruined Hermon Chapel on the hill to the east. They were visible as a group of lights moving slowly away from the witnesses. Darren thought later that they had moved far too far in the time taken to call the others, if they had been going at the same slow pace, and he had a feeling that there might be a period of missing time involved between seeing them and calling for the others to come up.

The next day, Darren telephoned the South Wales Evening Post and was told that they had heard about it already, as others had phoned in about seeing lights. An article appeared in the paper that evening.

Also on the following day, his sister was told by a friend in Gowerton School, that he had also seen the objects while he was fishing on the point in the nearby Crofty Industrial Estate.

Source: SUFON Files: Darren interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 October 2015.

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