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Riddle of hovering object that exploded

Deganwy, Conwy


An elderly widow stood rooted to the spot in her bedroom as a strange object hovered in mid air just inches from her window. I just couldn`t move i was petrified, i said to myself please god take care of me.

The lady who has asked not to be named said, the small dark object then exploded into a cloud of dust and silver stars sending a sheet of lightening into the night air, fragments also scattered in the snow covering her front garden in front of the window.

A grandmother who keeps half a dozen of the pieces in her handbag said it was most frightening experience of her life, now she wants to know exactly what she saw outside her home in Ty Mawr Road, Deganwy in the early hours of New Years Day.

The lady who is in her 80`s went to bed around 12 30am after seeing in the New Year without touching a single drop, two hours later she heard a metallic rattling noise, thinking she was being burgled went out the room to look around.

She then returned to her own bedroom on front of the house and on the first floor, the curtains were open and i saw it straight away, you couldn`t miss it, it was just swaying there about 6 inches from the window. The object was a dark grey block roughly 2 ft square, in the glow of the street lamp, with the river opposite, it looked like a lump of stone or slate just hovering in the air, i couldn`t run i just stood watching it for 5 minutes, i was petrified she recalled.

Then it suddenly exploded, i`ll never forget it, it sounded like a gunshot and dust and stars flew everywhere, a sheet of lightening about 6ft long shot towards the river, i was very shaken, but also relieved, at least it was over.

Her daughter who is in her 40`s and living nearby in Deganwy, said i`mquite sure she saw it as she`s very down to earth, not the kind to imagine things

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