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Exact date in October not known - ignore date in panel.

A weekday in October.

Approximately 8 pm. Clear sky, windy.

The witness saw a cylindrical craft moving slowly at about 15 mph across the Rhymney valley from Cefn Hengoed to Tir-y-Berth to Fleur-de-Lys to Blackwood. He described it as bullet or Zeppelin in shape but displaying a flat bottom seam and flat rear. It was gun metal or grey/black in colour, with no visible wings, no lights and making no sound. The wind was howling and whistling, but the craft moved against it, so was no balloon. He said it was large in size, larger than any commercial aircraft.

It was distinguishable in the dark because it was blocking out the stars. The rear of the craft looked to have vents but there was no obvious exhaust or vapour trail. The side of the craft had no obvious windows but looked entirely "one piece of material that had been bent to create the rounded bullet shape."

The witness did not see the front of the craft. The bottom of the craft, when passing over his house and a well-lit main road, displayed clear markings or symbols. He said he felt intimidated by it.

"The lack of noise or obvious signs of propulsion unnerving to me, moving at such a laboured speed across a residential area was bizarre."

The craft moved slowly towards the Blackwood area but the shape was and size of the craft was clearly seen in the sky due to lighting coming from Ysgol Cwm Rhymni outdoor 4G sports pitches where there were sports sessions ongoing.

"I have never seen any craft of this description before or after."

Source: SUFON Files: witness submission.

Location on map is approximate.

Duration of sighting: Approximately 5 minutes.

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