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Exact date in October not known - ignore '01' in date panel. Year is approximate.

About 7 pm. Dark.

Milkman, Colin Gabe, then 46 years old, was in his Volvo estate car on his way home after doing his money collection round on this Thursday evening. He was heading north along Glynhir Road on the northern edge of Pontarddulais. With ribbon-developed bungalows and houses on either side.

As he reached a gap in the development, with fields on either side, to his left, in the gap in the houses just before the farm track leading to Ty'n-y-Bonau farm, about 100 yards away, at an altitude of about 300 feet, he saw an oblong-shaped object with flat sides, bright yellow/orange in colour. There were about 6-8 square panels along its side. It was moving parallel to his car, in the same direction, at about 30 mph, the same speed he was doing. The whole body of the craft was lit up, there were no flashing lights, and no sound was heard above the sound of his car.

Colin said it was was about the size of a large van - about 20 feet in length by 6 ft high. It was moving in-line end to end - horizontally on a level course. He could not remember what shape the ends of the object were, whether flat, pointed or round, as he only saw the object for a matter of 5-8 seconds before it was obscured by more houses when he reached them at the end of the gap.

He couldn't believe what he had seen, and a few hundred yards further along the road, he turned right into Pant-Y-Felin Road where he lived and went in to tell his wife. He was shaken by the experience and to this day, it's been on his mind as to what it was that he had seen.

SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 12 June 2020.

Location on map is that of the witness.

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