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Between 10 and 11 AM. Clear sky.

George Chapman (55) of Rosemarket was outside Kraft Foods in Merlin's Bridge, Haverfordwest, where he worked as a maintenance fitter. A workmate called him to see a puzzling object. He told investigator, Randall

Jones Pugh:

'Down the back of the factory we've got a loading-dock. I was coming down the concrete road between the factory and the railway line and, as I passed the loading-dock, Tommy shouted to me: "Hey, George, come and have a look at this." What had been there before I got there was some sort of silver object in the sky and this is what attracted attention. I don't think you could have missed it because it was such clear conditions. I got there just as he was pointing to it and then there was a sort of massive explosion.'

Pugh: 'Could you give me an estimation of the altitude in relation to the planes that pas over going between London and America?'

'I'd say very much lower because we see planes all day long. When I saw it, it was just a silver object - more or less a round shape. And then this explosion came and it left a large area of black smoke. Three things occurred - there was first of all the silver ball effort, then there was either an explosion or a discharge of exhaust gases, and this left a nearly spherical area of black smoke. And from this leapt a bar of light that moved upwards fast.'

Pugh: 'Was it like a flash - a discharge of electricity?'

'Oh, no. We could see it going. And it was going like hell!'

Pugh: 'Then it must have been an object - a luminous object.'

'It must have been something actual, because it came from this cloud and it was see-able. And it was see-able for quite some time. And then this cloud slowly dispersed.'

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 page 155.

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