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5.15 AM.

Witness: Carl.

'While walking from Hafod Street, across Dan-Y-Bryn Road, towards Hill View Terrace (a walk I took every morning at the same time) I had a fearful sense. I looked over my left shoulder and saw two lights just above the gardens of 1 & 2 Hafod Street.

These lights although very bright to look at didn't shine on any surroundings like it should have with a light that bright. All I could see was a couple of bright lights which seemed to obscure an object that surrounded it. These lights were round, circular, approx. 10 feet apart and extremely bright. As I sensed this fear I didn't hang around. This object was too close to me, about 30 feet.

Just before I moved onwards I saw a cyclist coming down Dan-Y-Bryn Road towards Tan-Y-Groes Street and he saw what I saw above the gardens and he fell from his bike. I didn't hang about. I didn't feel safe and the cyclist made a quick exit as well. Wish we'd known each other as we seen this strange thing at the same time.'

Source: uploaded by witness: 23 August 2011.

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