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Mystery object over Newport



Mr Edward Clarke of Julian Street Newport looked skyward on sunday night and saw what he claimed was a flying saucer. He raced into his house for his binoculars and spotted another.

And to prove to himself he was not seeing things he called his wife, Rose and she saw them too. The time was 10 45pm

Mr Clarke is a Seargent Instructer at the Territorial Army in Newport and has had experience in plotting plane courses. The first object was flying due south and the other in an easterly direction, both were travelling about 3,000mph he says.

Suddenly said Mr Clarke the second object curved over an area of 300 miles and joined the same course as the other one , it was just like a pin head glowing in the sky but there was no sound he said, we have nothing on earth like this , if my calculations are correct they must be a mile long, it really frightened my wife he said .

Both my wife and i are convinced these were some sort of space ship.

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