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Ambrielle Jones and her partner David had just returned home from shopping to find her daughter and her friend sitting in the back garden. Ambrielle went into the house to fetch some drinks and they sat around chatting in the sunshine.

Suddenly a helicopter appeared to rise up above the trees. It was bright yellow - a Sea King Rescue helicopter - David told her later. His memory is slightly different to hers. She remembers it coming towards them and she could see the pilot and co-pilot quite clearly, as they passed overhead.

She remembers it being only about two feet [!] above her head, but there was no wind or noise [!]. It was completely silent.

It was only later after her daughter and her friend had gone that Ambrielle and David commented on the 'helicopter' and realised that what they had witnessed was completely impossible. They also differed in their memory of it. David thinking that it was going away from them and she saw it coming towards them. When she mentioned it to her daughter later she had no memory of it at all, which Ambrielle found to be very strange.

Some years later David decided to regress Ambrielle. During the session, Ambrielle said there were Americans in the kitchen. David asked her to describe them and she could see their dark brown uniforms with a crest which was subsequently identified as special forces. Ambrielle could then see them in a field looking at sheep. She did not know at the time that the Americans were in Wales in connection with UFOs or that there were cattle mutilations in this area.

We think that the helicopter seen by the family could very well be a 'screen-memory' projected to make them think what they were seeing was a helicopter. SUFON visited the site in 2018 and were struck by the fact that their garden has many trees and merges into dense woodland over which power lines run. It would be impossible for a helicopter to fly so low over the site.

Source: SUFON Files: Ambrielle Jones interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 21 March 2017.

Location on map has been slightly changed for privacy protection.

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