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Approximately 10.30 PM.

A man was putting his recycling out for collection and looked up at the night sky. Within about 30 seconds he saw a formation of what appeared to be approximately 7 lights in a large wedge shape was travelling across the night sky at a steady pace. Then, rapidly, they changed speed and shape into a "dance" of up to 15 lights in a spiral shape, revolving around a central axis.

He ran into the house to get his phone, and called for his wife to come and see. But by the time he had returned, the lights had gone, but his wife said that she saw them and described them as being in a tight wedge shape and moved at an incredible speed over the eastern horizon.

Duration of sighting: 1 minute.

Source: citing MUFON.

Location postcode is SA13 2AR: Ty Fry Road.

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