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Exact date in March not known - ignore '01' in date panel.

Alia Davies lived in the old station master's house adjacent to the site of Morriston West Railway Station in Clase Road, Morriston.

She woke up in the night to see a tall figure beside her. The figure was silver and very big. It's arm joints went the wrong way to a normal person's. Alia said it had some kind of helmet similar to a medieval helmet with side protection and nose guard. She can't remember seeing a face. The figure was looking into her baby's cot which was in the same room.

Alia gripped her partner and woke him up, but he could not see the figure and went back to sleep. The figure stayed in the same place, looking into the cot for an hour. Alia, surprisingly, went back to sleep herself and had the best night's sleep she had had for ages.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 2015.

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