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Exact date in March not known - ignore '01' in date panel.

Approximately 1 PM.

Michael Hopkins:

'I was helping my colleague, G. T. to undertake a survey of his friend's house on a Friday lunchtime in March. He was operating the dumpy level and I was holding the staff. It was an extremely windy day and I had enormous trouble trying to hold the staff still so he could take accurate readings.

As I glimpsed at the top of the staff to see how much it was moving due to the wind, I saw two black spheres travelling across the sky in a south-westerly direction. Initially we thought that they might be balloons, but this was quickly disregarded as they remained in perfect formation - in such wind, balloons would have been blown out of formation.

As previously mentioned, it was an extremely windy day with many clouds travelling quickly across the sky in an easterly direction - opposite of the objects. When we got back to the office, around 2.15 pm, I immediately phoned the control tower at RAF St. Athan to report the sighting. I asked them if they had seen anything on radar as the objects were heading in the approximate direction of the base, to which they replied that being as it was an aircraft repair facility, the radar had been turned off for the weekend.'

Source: Michael Hopkins, 2018.

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