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11 PM - dark and warm

Paul was living in Pennard and was taking his dog for a walk before bed. He was in the ruined Pennard Castle on the edge of Pennard Golf Course, having a pee, when he suddenly saw a laser hit the castle above his head and it moved around as if writing very quickly on the wall for a couple of seconds. It was yellow, green and red in colour. He was shocked by the sight and looked behind him to see if he could see the source, someone with a laser pointer maybe, from the direction across the Pennard Valley (west) but there was nothing to see.

He walked out of the castle, baffled and looked out over the sea. A few triangular-shaped green and red lights flashed on then off, on then off. He assumed by the way they flashed that the object on which the lights were flashing was rotating. Then he saw something or things, fly fast and silently across the bay, about a mile out going east (his right to left) and about 500 ft above sea level, and slowly flashing. These he described as being revolving triangles. The motion he later described as rotating forward or tumbling.

"Three lights flashing slowly on and off but it was obvious by the way the lights were flashing that the vehicle was rotating forward as it went... on 1 sec, off 1 sec... but the lights were in a different position and it was silent. Definitely not a helicopter and couldn't have been a jet - there was no wind - it was a completely still dark night."

He watched this for a few seconds, not moving particularly fast but he thinks over 150kph. They were invisible between flashes blacking out in a very steady solid flight-pattern but not like a helicopter. They flew across Three Cliffs/Pobbles Bay towards Pennard.

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence with Mike Maunder 16 April 2021.

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