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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

Exact date in September not known - ignore '30' in date panel.

Malcolm Chamberlain (32) was living with his mother in a small house in Rumney, east of Cardiff.

'It had been a magnificent, bright sunny day and most of the windows had been opened wide. My mum and I had been up very late, just talking and drinking tea and coffee. Close to 1.30 am I decided to head for my bed and proceeded upstairs. On the landing of the stairs the window had been left wide open and because it was no rather chilly I moved to close it.

I stopped to admire the beautiful, clear star-filled heavens, looking above two large water cooling towers of a power station one mile away, close to Cardiff. Our house was on a hill and as I looked at the twin towers, to my great surprise, an enormous flattened rugby ball shape materialised above one of them. It was much wider than the tops of the towers and glowed a vivid orange colour. I didn't see it 'fly in', it just manifested, like switching on a light. I studied it in amazement for some minutes, before another UFO appeared above the first and seemed to merge together as one.

At that I ran down the stairs calling my mother to witness the sight, but by the time she and I got back they had gone. I subsequently wrote to the South Wales Echo to enquire if anyone else had written to them regarding the sighting for surely, many others must have seen it. The Echo duly published my letter in a column called the 'Stroller'. Sadly, no one wrote in to corroborate my sighting, although I am sure that anyone looking skywards could not have missed seeing these very large, bright orange red UFOs.'

Source: 'UFO Magazine' May 2003 page 34.

Location on map is approximate.

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