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Exact date in December not known - ignore '28' in date panel.

Early one evening after Christmas, low - broken cloud.

The witness, living in Llanishen, Cardiff, went for a smoke out the back garden. Looking up in a northerly direction, the witness saw what was at first thought, a meteor, but was flying low and of an odd shape - which the witness compared to two boater hats glued together, but the rim was not as large. It was an opaque white but the contours were a very bright white.

It was heading 'hell for leather' in an east-west direction, and due to the low clouds that evening must have been low to have been seen.

The witness said it was huge,and left some sort of vapour trail behind it (short and white) which disappeared as soon as the object went into cloud.

Source: MOD Files - Low Flying Complaints!

Location on map is approximate.

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