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Exact date in June not known - ignore '01' in date panel.


'My girlfriend and I were having a picnic on the Orme late afternoon in June 2007. We had been watching a jetski in the bay for several minutes. A minute or so after the jetski had disappeared round the headland towards the town, my girlfriend nudged me and pointed to something in the bay. It was a triangular or boomerang shaped dull metallic object about three metres-five across moving right to left extremely fast about two or three metres above the sea which was pretty calm.

It was completely silent and had a straight trajectory and did not alter height. We only saw it for four-five seconds as it crossed our field of view between the two headlands but it was difficult to explain having just recently gauged the speed and sound of the jetski. It certainly wasn't a bird or anything else I could explain immediately.

Source: - reported by witness 20 January 2009

Location on map is approximate.

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