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Exact date not known - ignore '30' in date panel.

Witness thinks could be July.

Night time.

Gari Jones (aged 15) had just finished school in June, and this has helped him to remember the approximate time of the event. He was in Treharris and saw an egg-shaped object flying overhead.

'I had just recently moved with my parents into their new house. We were outside in the garden and then we looked into the distance as a bright object came into view. It was a very bright white light, but it moved amazingly fast.

The neighbour suggested it was a satellite and we all had no reason at the time to disagree. However, having seen many more satellites passing over the skies of my house, they are noticeable for extended periods of time, move slowly across the sky and don't give off much light.

The object was far brighter than the actual ISS space station when it can be viewed in full view of the human eye. This was gone in a matter of seconds by moving at tremendous speed. And it never made a sound as it passed over, which is something I find common with UFO type craft.'

Speed: 1500-2000 mph.

Source: SUFON Files: Gari Jones sent report 21 September 2016.

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