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Ambrielle Jones was staying with Tim, a colleague while they attended a business course together. One evening he suggested a walk on the Gower peninsula as it was a lovely summer night and they had been indoors on the course all day.

Ambrielle agreed, but when they got into the car which she was driving, she suddenly felt impelled to go to the stone circle on Mynydd Carnllechart north west of Pontardawe instead. Tim was unhappy with the change of plan and tried to persuade her to go to the beach as arranged, but she would not be swayed and was insistent that it was important that they go, but she did not know why.

She drove the car as far as they could up the mountain and then walked the rest of the way to the top. After a few minutes a light suddenly appeared in the distance on the mountain opposite them. It looked like a motorcycle headlight, but as it travelled towards them in a straight line she realised it must be flying as it came straight across the valley between two hills.

Tim stood behind her on the grounds that it was her invitation, not his. The light stopped about two feet in front of Ambrielle and just hovered without moving. It was more of a glow and not dazzling and she described it as about 6 inches in diameter and of a golden colour (see Ambrielle's previous sighting February 1978). She felt as though it was scanning her. She thought, am I about to be abducted? Then it just flew off darting suddenly to her left and disappearing into the night.

They ran back to the car in case it should re-appear. It was getting dusk by this time and they did not want to be there in the dark. The car was completely dead, no lights or engine power. After some argument and discussion, they decided to walk back down the road to find a phone box to call a taxi.

It had taken them some time trying to get the car started before they had abandoned it and then they had to make their way cautiously down the mountain in the semi-dark and had to walk about two miles to the phone box. They waited around half an hour for the taxi. They did not think about the time as they were too frightened by their experience, but Ambrielle thinks that there could have been missing time.

In the morning they returned with a mechanic but he could find nothing wrong and the car started first time. Ambrielle has always been puzzled why she had been impelled to go there when it cost her quite a bit of money in taxi fare and mechanic's fees. She has never considered the possibility of missing time until recently (2017). The whole incident had seemed to have gone out of her mind.

Source: SUFON Files: Ambrielle Jones interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 21 March 2017.

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