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Exact date in July not known - ignore '1st' in date panel.

About 8.30 PM. Still evening.

Michael McShane was with his young son playing football in Cwmdare, Aberdare. Michael was in goal and told his son to kick the ball. But his son told him to look up. He walked to his son, turned and looking up, saw a black object shaped, "like a rugby ball" about "two houses high" above their heads. It stopped and tilted at the witnesses before moving on across the valley in the direction of Merthyr Tydfil.

Michael's son commented to the fact it had no wings and made no noise,and it had just come out of nowhere. Michael's mobile phone was flat so he was unable to take any photographs. They watched the object for about two minutes and the boy was still able to see it after Michael had lost sight of it.

Michael said, "....we saw it like a car passing on the road - it was beautiful."

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 16 December 2019.

Location on map is approximate.

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