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Identity of witness unknown. Tells it in own words:

“12 PM. Approx. I’ve put an approximate time and date for this event as I don’t recall exactly when it happened, it happened a fee years ago, that’s all the information I can give honestly without lying.

I live in house is on a hill. I remember for no particular reason just moving my desk chair to my window (south-facing) just to admire the view of Swansea Bay. As I’m looking at the water, I notice what looks to be a green firework over the Mumbles.

These objects, about 6 or 7 from what I can remember were falling in formation, in a manner of which a firework would, going upwards and outwards from a central point until gently falling downwards, until they all stopped dead mid-air.

At this point, one turned red, and moved up and to the right from where it was, and then the other objects formed up in a perfect line behind it, they were perfectly spaced between themselves. Once they were all lined up they all moved slowly as one in the same plane.

At this point I was fairly freaked out by the situation and moved away from the window, so unfortunately I can’t shed any light on what they did next.

Upon consideration I can only imagine that these objects were in fact over the Bristol Channel. As I said, my first thought was a distant firework, so their size from where I was sort of between the star and aspirin option on this page [see original website]. They left no trail, and the obvious direction changes, hovering and formation flying, plus the fact that one of the objects changed colour makes it apparent this was not in fact a firework.

For the sake of helping you visualize what I saw, I went in to Google maps street view and screen-shotted Swansea Bay from a similar angle from where I was witnessing this and roughly added the flight paths of these objects. Don’t take this as their exact flight path, I’m only illustrating the main changes in their movement and shape.

Picture 1: Showing the firework type formation and their apparent motion. They’re not moving very quickly.

Picture 2: They stop in midair; one turns red.

Picture 3: I’ve shown where the red object finished off, but they were all moving simultaneously.

Picture 4: They sat in this formation for a few seconds, and then started moving upwards in the direction indicated. Again, not very quickly, contrary to many other UFO accounts.

Duration: 2.5 minutes.

Source: citing MUFON

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