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Exact date in July not known - ignore '01' in date panel.

Approximately 3.15 AM.

Michael Hopkins:

'During 1971 I was a student at Cardiff College of Art, while living at home, and due to my keeping weird hours, occasionally I had trouble sleeping. This one particular night I awoke around 3.15 am and decided to open my window and look at the stars. Within seconds I observed what I thought to be a satellite travelling in a north-easterly direction.

However, the "satellite", without stopping, made a 60 degree turn, then seconds later, another 60 degree turn and seconds later, yet another 60 degree turn allowing it to continue to travel on its original course. I do not drink, have never taken drugs and was wide awake during this sighting. The sky was clear as crystal on this particular night with all the stars visible.'

SUFON Note: Michael provided us with a plan of the object's course. Each time it turned it made one side of a triangle, after the third turn it was back on course, having 'drawn' an equilateral triangle in the sky. For it to do that it would have had to make a turn of 120 degrees each time, not the 60 degrees referred to above.

Source: Michael Hopkins 2018.

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