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Exact date in January unknown - ignore date in date panel.

Approximately 8.30 PM. Very cold. Poor weather.

Hywel Williams was walking out of his flat in Swansea Marina when he noticed a low cloud in the direction of Port Talbot which seemed to have light inside it. The cloud was illuminated 'like a very bright moon', and low down - no higher than the local mountains. A red object was visible inside the cloud which the witness compared to a red LED light, shining a brilliant white light which in turn reflected back and formed a white square on the red object. This enabled Hywel to see that the object was rotating slowly.

As he watched he noticed that the object had some sort of outer structure which he compared to a brown scaffolding tube surrounding the craft. The cloud then closed over the craft and Hywel lost sight of it. 5 minutes later the cloud opened up again but lower down. Flashing lights of different colours were now visible. The witness recalled that he saw lights of burgundy, orange, blue and green, all the same shade.

Total duration of sighting: 20 minutes.

Location on map is approximate.

Source: SUFON Files: witness report via website submission and emails July 2020.

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