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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

Exact date in January not known - ignore '01' in date panel.

One Wednesday in January 1978.

11.45 AM. Cold and clear, blue sky. No wind.

Mrs Alice Thatcher and a friend were travelling by car along the A525 Ruthin to Denbigh road and were passing through the village of Rhewl, to the north of Ruthin, when they noticed to the right [presuming they were travelling north towards Denbigh] what they assumed to be a helicopter flying very low.

They then realised there were no rotor blades, no wings and the object was noiseless. It was cigar-shaped - "like a cigar, plump in the middle" - with what one witness described as "silver with red markings," the other as "orange struts (about 3) sticking out at an angle of 45 degrees from the base of the silver body." The object gleamed in the sunlight as it travelled slowly across the sky in an arc, apparently coming down into the field or woods ahead to the left [Coed Orllwyn?]. When this point was reached, however, nothing was to be seen.

Another witness, who requested anonymity, was working in Rhewl and viewed the same or a similar object from a kitchen window for at least two minutes.

Witnesses remarked on the intensity of the sun's rays as they were reflected from the silver body of the object.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 7 No. 3 - Sep-Oct 1978 - Colin Bord.

Location on map is approximate.

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