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'An Aberavon man has revealed that a week ago he saw a UFO, but had been reluctant to mention it until he learned a few days ago that he was not alone in having seen what can only be described as a phenomenon of some sort. Mr Arthur Sugg, of Sandown, Aberavon, a retired steelworks rollerman, told his story:

"I was out walking on the seafront with my Airedale Tuscan. It was shortly before noon and I was at the Briton Ferry end of the promenade.

The cloud was very low. It was not raining, but it was misty. I was looking out towards Mumbles headland when there was a break in the clouds. It was then that I saw what I can only describe as a dome-shaped object.

The top was larger than the bottom, something like the top of a spinning top. It seemed to have intermittent red stripes and was moving in a northerly direction. I watched it for between five and ten seconds until the gap in the clouds closed." '

Source: 'UFO Magic in Motion' Arthur Shuttlewood 1979 citing 'South Wales Evening Post' 11 February 1977.

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