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Exact date in April not known - ignore '30' in date panel.

At the end of April 1977, a flying saucer seems to have landed - or appeared - on the ground in the middle of a freshly tilled field which is adjoined by rough pasture containing a herd of ponies.

The ponies are owned by the Camrose sub-postmaster, Josiah George. That morning Mr George and his daughter Carol were visiting the animals to take them fodder. They soon realised that something was wrong with the ponies.

They were milling around in a bunch by the gate, tossing their heads and rolling their eyes. "They were very disturbed - something most unusual," Mr George told Randall Jones-Pugh. "It wasn't just one or two - it was the whole bunch of them."

"How many ponies are there?" Pugh asked.

"Thirty. The whole bunch were all together - heads up in the air - ears up - eyes staring. It was most unusual. I said to Carol: 'What's gone wrong with the ponies today? What's frightened them?' We couldn't do a thing with them.

They were all looking in one direction so I said to Carol: 'What on earth is up there frightening them? Go and have a look.' Because I could then see something crossing the next field as I looked through a big gap in the hedge."

"Could you make out a shape?"

"Yes. Its was white, chromium-white -almost silvery and with three corners - almost a triangle."

"A triangle with the apex pointing upwards. How far from the ground was it?"

"From where we were looking it seemed to be actually on the ground."

"There was no sound with it?"

"No, not a sound."

The object which had frightened the ponies was being viewed through a ten-yard gap in the bushes at the bottom of the pasture as it traversed the next field. To find out what it was Carol set off across the grass to get a closer look.

This seemed to encourage the ponies and they trooped after her. However, when they got about halfway they stopped and simply watched as she approached the gap. She could see nothing in the next field whatsoever and, after a little while, came back.

Foddering the ponies continued, although they refused to touch the food. Some twenty minutes later they again became greatly disturbed and milled about, tossing their heads and staring down the field. When Mr George and his daughter looked in the same direction they once again saw the strange silvery object moving across the ground.

Carol then repeated her actions. She walked across the field, was followed halfway by the ponies, went to the edge of the next field and could find nothing.

It took the ponies many days to recover from this incident. Even when they were moved to another field they could be seen staring at the place where the silvery object had appeared. Josiah George said: "They were completely different.

They seemed to be expecting something. We moved them back after this to the field where they usually are but they weren't normal for at least a week. They watched every movement and every sound..."

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones-Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 81 - 83.

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