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10 pm.

A woman residing in Dunvant and who regularly observes the sky at night, was in her garden which is quite protected from light pollution.

She watched an object which appeared as a creamy white coloured light with a red light thereon cross the sky from a south to north direction. Although this was a strange observation at first she thought it was probably a jet plane, but this would have been a very unusual direction of travel as most of the international flights over her home are usually west to east and vice versa.

At about 11pm, one hour later she again saw exactly the same phenomena reoccur.

She felt that the physical appearance and unusual direction significant enough to contact her friend who is a SUFON member.

Her friend enquired with SUFON who checked the flight tracker system for that evening and it was found that there were no recorded commercial or military flights in that direction at the stated times.

Source: SUFON Files: reported to Steve Drewson 23 March 2022.

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