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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape


Although outside the geographical area of our database of sightings centred on the Swansea area, this sighting is relevant in that it is connected to events which happened before and will subsequently take place, and the area of our study is likely to expand to cover events in the whole of the South Wales area. The witness in question has experienced things before and after this event, and is dealt with here on its own so as to fit into our chronology.

This takes place in the early part of December 2005. 9 AM. Cardiff High School, Heath, Cardiff. David was in the school library, repairing a computer.

A group of twelve-year-old children were in the room. He was sitting at the computer he was working on, and for a moment while waiting for the computer to load etc, glanced out of the window. As he did so, and right in his line of sight he saw a dark shape to his left, moving through the clouds about a mile away at a 15 degree elevation.

It had rained the night before, and a heavy layer of fog and low cloud was slowly lifting, with the sun breaking through in places. As it appeared through the low cloud layer, the edge of the clouds made a ragged edge, like with a mountain top poking through the cloud tops, but inverted, as this was coming down out of the clouds.

The window was open, he could hear nearby traffic, but there was no sound coming down from the object such as that associated with a helicopter or plane. The object was shaped like a tube, with flat ends – a cylinder of a gun-metal grey colour, and panelled.

At its ends it had a lip like that at the ends of an oil drum. It was angled bottom to top, leaning to the left by 30 degrees, and as it descended it rotated left to right (clockwise if viewed from bottom). As it rotated on its axis, the sun reflected off its surface and David could tell that it was made of a metallic material. Total duration of the sighting being about 10 seconds.

It then leaned over to the right and disappeared back up into the clouds and faded out of sight. David said nothing to the children present, but was severely unnerved for some reason.

He went outside and rang his mother in Maesteg on his mobile. He told her what he had seen and she told him afterwards that she was surprised, not that he had seen a UFO, but because of his reaction – he was not excited by seeing it, but sounded scared, he was shaking while talking to her, and she could hear it in his voice. He kept it descriptive and she was blown away by his description and did not disbelieve him. He then rang his wife, who was amazed by his sighting.

David finished his work at the school early and drove home to Pontarddulais as soon as he could, feeling a need to be with his family. He could not sleep for four or five days. He went to a doctor and was treated for insomnia, losing in all, six days work. He has suffered from insomnia many times since, the condition coming in waves.

He saw a counsellor and told her of the UFO sighting, and she asked an interesting thing – ‘had the sighting been engineered for him to see it at that moment?’ because he only happened to look out of the window as it appeared, with him looking at the exact part of the sky.

After this sighting, David started thinking about UFOs more, has watched the sky more and takes photographs and videos of the sky. He is convinced that what happened to him that day has awakened latent memories of previous experiences throughout his life, and continues to do so to the present.

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