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6 AM. Dry, cold, clear.

Helen: "I opened the back door at 6 am to let the dogs out. I looked across the fields to where I have a view of the Aeron Valley. It was very dark, but I immediately saw what I thought was a house on fire about half a mile away. I watched for a minute, planning to call 999. Then, the 'fire' moved to the West a few hundred metres behind some trees. I realised it was a large sphere, the size of a house and seemed to churn or pulsate with its 'fire'. It was extremely bright and white/yellow in colour. Then it stopped, and flew the other way to the East where it continued past its original position, all the way along the valley until out of sight. Just before it went out of sight, red appeared on top of the sphere. It travelled in a straight path, sometimes behind trees at the speed of a car. It also had a few 'sparks' flying out of it. Even though it was very bright it did not cast its light on surrounding objects like trees and houses. It didn't make a sound."

Duration of sighting: 4 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files: website submission, November 2021.

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