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Baffled by objects in the sky



Widespread reports of unidentified flying objects were made in South Wales last night, eyewitness's described a very bright light moving high across the sky. One man, Cardiff fire brigade officer Eric Beard saw 2 objects at about 11pm which appeared to cross paths.

One was travelling North to South and the other West to East, they were very high at not aeroplanes.

Mr Percy Edwards of Brookefield terrace Caerphilly, i saw a bright, white object wavering on a southerly course, it was brightest thing in the sky

Mr John Jones of Rhiwbina Cardiff said he and his wife saw a bright object at a vast height on Tuesday. It hovered for a while and increased it`s pace at times during the 20 minutes it was visible.

On Wednesday night Mr Colin Knee of Lewis Terrace Pontypridd saw a star like object over Cilfyndd Common, it came over Cilfynydd coal tip and apparently gathered speed as it came nearer he said.

A Minister of Defence spokesmen in London said , we have nothing operational in this area that would account for this

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