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Exact date in Autumn not known - ignore '09/30' in date panel. Witness thinks could have taken place in 1978.

At about 11.30 pm one night in September or October 1977/1978, Sue Lee, who at that time was sixteen years old and residing at Derlwyn, Dunvant, Swansea, couldn't sleep, and was looking out of her open bedroom window which looked down towards Dunvant Square and up the hill towards Three Crosses.

She suddenly saw three spherically shaped, extremely bright luminous green objects. They whizzed from the Gorseinon / Loughor area over to Dunvant / Three Crosses. She described each, as being about the size of a football but other than being bright lights could not make out any other determinable shape. She watched as they hovered and bobbed around this area for roughly thirty seconds, then two of them shot off towards Fairwood Common and the third one following about ten seconds later.

She kept looking and to her delight they came back and this time they were directly over Dunvant Square, near the old Post Office. They were clearly very low this time, being described as just above the rooftops, borne out by the fact that from where she was positioned she was looking down at Dunvant Square, but she was now looking horizontally at the objects.

They then shot back up to the top of Three Crosses area, where they again bobbed about for approximately thirty to forty seconds before zooming off back towards Gorseinon / Loughor direction.

She stated that she had never seen anything move so fast in the sky and they were also absolutely silent, not even a buzz or murmur could be heard (she had the bedroom window open, which is how she knew they were silent).

The following morning she told her sister about it, and suggested that she should not tell their father as he was an absolute nonbeliever, but over breakfast her sister did!

Sue was utterly amazed at his reaction, which she expected to be one of derision. In fact he quizzed her about what she'd seen and said in earnest, "why didn't you come and get me?" This made her wonder whether he may have had an experience of some sort himself.

However, he would never talk about it again. To this day she feels very privileged to have seen the three UFOs.

Source: SUFON Files: Kris Prevel - witness interviewed by Steve Drewson June 2020.

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