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Just before 9 PM. Dark.

18-year-old Marion had just recently passed her driving test and was sitting in her D-reg mini, parked in the bus station, West Street, Gorseinon. She had passed her test in September, which has helped her date this event, and at that time regularly run her mother around.

She was waiting to pick her up her mother who was about to leave her bingo night at the Lido bingo hall and was due to finish at 9 pm (the hall was located where the Domino pizza shop is now). As she sat there in the car, facing north towards the crossroads in the centre of Gorseinon, about 50 yards away, she suddenly saw something hovering over the High Street, just to the right of the crossroads, roughly behind the West End pub which is located on the corner of West Street and High Street (strangely, West Street actually runs south from the crossroads).

The object was hovering just above roof-height, directly over High Street. It was motionless and the area below it was lit up in white light, which shone down to the street below. Marion described the object as about the size of a bus, disc-shaped, just like the sherbet sweets called 'flying saucers', basically two domes joined together, with a central rim running around it. The body was dark and the only light on it was what was coming from below it, flooding the street with white light.

Marion got out of her car and stood there to see it better. She noticed a man, who was also waiting for collect someone from bingo had got out of his car too to look at the amazing spectacle in front of them. There was no sound coming from the object as it hung there just over the shopping street. As it was the late evening,there were no shops open.

After a little while, suddenly the light extinguished and the craft immediately starting moving to the right, horizontally and headed along High Street in an easterly direction and the two witnesses lost sight of it due to the buildings along the street. Marion said she had the impression that there might have been a second craft the other side of it, and mostly obscured by the one they could see, which also moved away at the same time.

After the craft had departed, the man turned to her and said something like, 'did you see that?' to which she replied, 'yes I did!'.

Source: SUFON Files: Marion interviewed by Emlyn Williams June 2020.

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