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Sighting,UFO,Triangle,Saucer,Cigar shape


Morning, blue sky.

Elizabeth was with her husband, two daughters and three dogs and staying at their caravan at Whiteford Bay in Llanmadoc. They often went down there at weekends, and one hot Saturday morning in August 2003, they went for a walk towards the lighthouse off Whiteford Point. Paddling over the beach most of the way there and back.

Elizabeth decided to go into the water for a swim. She swam out and around, out further then turned to swim back to shore. It was then that she saw what at first she took to be a plane, high up in the blue sky.

It was bright white like an ordinary plane shape, but she couldn't make sense of it due to its large size. It was moving slowly, without any sound.She understands lack of sound due to it being so high up, but its huge size meant her think it was not a plane.

She compared it to, "one of the old zeppelin shapes but thinner".

She had stopped swimming by now and just looked at the object. Then she was startled to realise that it had stopped moving. Her husband was too far away to hear her trying to call to him to look. She pointed but he didn't look up.

"Then this enormous puff of white smoke appeared to the back of the plane thing and my heart sank thinking it was going to crash. It wasn't like the smoke trail planes leave in the sky, it was the size of 'cooling tower' smoke. My mind was racing, get out of the sea, get up to the mountain as it would crash there, got to get help. I felt helpless, yet it was still motionless in the air."

30 seconds after the smoke had appeared it vanished completely, and so did the white smoke. By the time she had got back to her husband to tell him, all there was was blue sky. He believed her as they had seen odd things before.

After this experience, her husband called the area from the mountan along Broughton Sands, 'Alien Point'.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 16 December 2017.

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