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Lorraine Fox, her children Neville and Sarah, and Diane Jones and her son Nicholas were travelling in Lorrain’s car, a C reg. Rover.

They had spent an evening in Mumbles and were returning home to Carmarthen. Just after leaving Swansea, travelling down Carmarthen Road, Lorraine was the first to spot an object in the sky.

“I noticed it round about the Smiths factory although there was a lot of street lighting. At first I thought it was car lights. It was a circle of light on the right of the car. It didn’t seem to be moving around, but as the car moved it seemed to move with us.

When we got to the motorway it was still there so I said to Diane: ‘Can you see what I can see?’ It came into the car, lighting up the inside so i thought somebody had turned the light in the car on and I went to turn it off. It was very bright and yet we were not straining our eyes,” she said.

It finally left them at Llanddarog.

“It shone on to the children, they said it seemed to come down on to them,” said Lorraine. When they arrived home, they discovered that they had made the journey in just 26 minutes. This, they say, is impossible, particularly as they had taken a detour through Swansea.” Lorraine said she had not been speeding.

Despite a badly-fitting car door, the car seemed to travel along without any sound. After the journey there was a strange smell around the car.

The following day they found they had unusual symptoms. Both women had earache, Diane had swollen eyes, 15-year-old Neville had burn marks under his watch strap and 10-year-old Sarah had a rash on her chest.

Since their experience, the children have been too frightened to go to bed and the women say they feel they have been suffering from shock.

They would all like to believe that what they saw was part of a laser light show taking place that night in Crosshands, but, when they reached the area, the lightshow and the light that followed them from Swansea were different.

Source: Wales On Sunday 22 August 1993 – report by Caroline Evans.

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