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Exact date in August not known - ignore '01' in date panel.

Warm evening. Clear sky.

Eira Morgan was at home in Heol Hafdy, Trallwn when her neighbour Pat Farnworth called her out to see something in the sky. Eira went out and saw many white star-like lights high up in the clear night sky. They were moving around in all directions, some singly and some in pairs. They would move a bit, stop, and change direction erratically.

Many other adults and children were out in the street, including Eira's 11-year-old son, Julian, watching the extraordinary performance high above them. Pat went back indoors to phone the police. When a police officer arrived in his panda car shortly afterwards, Eira said he went into Pat's house with her to take a statement. When he re-emerged, Eira, who was still in the street, and others, told the police officer to look up, as the lights were still there.

He did not but said something like 'ignorance is bliss', got back in his car and drove away.

Eira said that Pat had told her that the officer said that the report will be sent to the MOD at RAF Rudloe Manor.

BUFORA investigator Kerry Blower has said they were probably satellites but the witness testimony discounts this position.

Source: SUFON Files: reported by Eira Morgan, April 2015 / Date confirmed: BUFORA UFO TIMES No. 19 Summer 1992 - Kerry Blower.

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