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10.00 - 10.30 PM. Stephen Owen Jones was with his girlfriend (later wife), Sandra, sitting in his car, listening to Radio Luxembourg, in the car park at Bracelet Bay, Mumbles.

They would often listen to it there as the reception was better.

The precise date is not known, but Stephen remembers that it was about the time of Elvis Presley's death). They both noticed a set of lights in the sky above the Coastguard Station. It was not moving at all but just hovered at a height of about 2-3000 feet. He described it as coloured lights - 4 green, 5 red and a central white light - arranged in a hexagonal shape.

He had always had an interest in aircraft and knew that it was not a plane or helicopter. They watched it, motionless and without sound for about ten minutes when it suddenly shot northwards at a speed 'way too fast for a Westland or Sea King helicopter' to a point roughly over Blackpill, where it took up another hovering position for a short while before shooting straight up and out of sight.

Stephen listened to the news and checked the Evening Post for a few days after but no mention of a search and rescue was made. Sandra's father was a radio ham at the time and used to listen in to the air traffic control and there was nothing reported that night.

Source: SUFON Files - Stephen Owen Jones interviewed on Facebook by Emlyn Williams 5/6 August 2016.

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