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17-year-old Michael Davies, of Brynawel Road, Gorseinon was looking around at the sky from his bedroom window one evening in August 1969. He saw what he thought was an aircraft moving from what appeared to him to be the direction of the Townhill area of Swansea towards Pontarddulais. It had a white light.

He looked again a few moments later, but realised there were no red or green lights, and no sound. He had had the UFO under his observation for almost a minute when he decided to investigate and went for his telescope. But when he used it 15 seconds later, there was nothing to be seen.

Michael said that thinking back, the 'object' might have been moving fairly near the earth's surface, at between 20 and 25 mph. Its light was perhaps too bright for an aircraft, and just as he was getting his telescope there seemed to be something of a flash before the light disappeared altogether.

He thought perhaps the 'thing' was over enlarged when he first saw it, but admitted that the whole incident had rather surprised him.

Source: 'South Wales Evening Post' Thursday 7 August 1969.

Location on map is approximate position of light when witness first saw it.

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