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Exact date in April not known - ignore '04/30' in date panel - might have taken place in May.

In April or May 2000, Ian Wishart at that time 24 years old, of Gendros, had just finished working a night shift at Port Talbot steelworks, and was driving home. Sometime between 6:15-6:30 am, just before dawn, of which was to be a clear sunny day, he had just turned off the M4 at junction 46 Llangyfelach.

He pulled onto Llangyfelach Road and on passing the post office he saw a bright light in the distance above Llangyfelach Farm, some half a mile distant to the right hand side of the road ahead of him.

He stopped his car and parked up in a lay-by adjacent to the Plough & Harrow public house and got out of his car. He watched as the light rose slowly vertically. By this time the sky was getting brighter due to the impending sun rise. The light was approximately 800-1000 feet up.

As he watched, it split into two. He then noticed two more lights behind him coming from the north heading towards the first two lights, but these seemed higher in the sky. Suddenly, the original two lights shot off at a very high speed in opposite directions, one towards Llanelli and the other towards Port Talbot.

Meanwhile the other two lights were now overhead and were slowly travelling towards Swansea. As they reached a point approximately over the Welcome Inn in Treboeth they disappeared, just sort of blinked out. No sound was heard from any of these objects during the incident and he was unable to ascertain their size or shape.

Mr Wishart returned to his car and went home to bed. He states however, that he telephoned the police at approximately 1 pm that day to report the incident. He was transferred to an officer in Bridgend, and was told that the sighting was logged.

Some five or six years later he received a letter stating that the case was now closed and no further action would be taken.

Source: SUFON Files: Kris Prevel / witness interviewed by Steve Drewson June 2020.

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