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8.30 PM. Windy and cloudy.

Young Gary Jenkins had been visiting his grandparents and was leaving to walk home - a distance of 3 miles. His grandfather was seeing him off at the front gate. It was a very blustery evening with fast-moving clouds.

The wind was howling but there was something different about the noise, it was not a noise that Gary was familiar with. He questioned his grandfather who just said that the noise was the wind but Gary disagreed with him.

Upon that a very bright white light rose up from the hills behind the house. It gradually rose up to about 30/40 degrees and lit up everything around the witnesses. Gary's initial thoughts were that something was going to explode because the BP chemical works was in that direction. Gary ran in the house to call his grandmother to come and see.

The light went the same way that it had appeared, gradually decreasing. Gary heard an unusual sound going overhead but did not see anything due to the cloud thickness.

Source: SUFON Files: email from witness 23 January 2019.

Location on map is approximate.

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